About Bryon W. Szojchet, Esquire

Bryon W. Szojchet, Esquire has been helping people in Maryland with child custody issues since 2011. Bryon Szojchet Esquire handles only one kind of case, custody between unmarried parties. We offer free consultations and have a payment plan that is affordable. Professionalism and personal attention to each and every client is how we operate. Bryon Szojchet Esquire is committed to giving representation to people who need to have their custody arrangements changed or to stay the same and not changed in a way that would be harmful to the child or children. We have a payment plan that is affordable. We work in a professional and personal manner with all clients in these stressful times.


Every child custody situation is unique. Whether you want to keep your custody arrangement as it is, or gain a visitation schedule, or you seek to gain custody, getting a professional opinion can help you move forward in the most informed way. Having representation may or may not be necessary for your case, but in the event that it is beneficial we are here for you to provide representation. For every client of Bryon Szojchet Esquire we give personal attention and professional service until the complete conclusion of the case.