Child Custody and Visitation

Before you agree to any custody arrangement, learn more about child custody law in Owings Mills, MD, so that you can better understand your rights. When you turn to Bryon W. Szojchet Esq. LLC, Bryon W. Szojchet Esq. and his staff will take the time to explain your options so that you can make informed decisions. They believe in providing their clients with great service and courteous treatment, and will work hard to protect your parental rights.

Their mission is to render such legal representation and advocacy that will provide the financial, social and emotional environment needed for the children to have a wholesome, joyful and meaningful childhood and subsequent adult life.

Bryon W. Szojchet Esq and the staff at Bryon W. Szojchet Esq. LLCcomprise a boutique law firm that focuses on litigation and advocacy for individuals who are facing custody, visitation and child support litigation. Parent's rights and children's needs are not only for the wealthy. Bryon will discuss your case with no obligation, no fee and no strings attached.

They provide their clients with local representation on every case. They are ready to help you work through the child custody issues that can affect the rest of your and your child's life and have a profound impact on your relationship with your child. Their goal is to look out for the child's best interests that are at the heart of any custody dispute. You will also benefit from their:

•Competitive rates
•Affordable payment plans
•Personal attention

To accommodate your work schedule, their Owings Mills office is open for appointments, not only during regular business hours but also on evenings and weekends. Call today to request your free initial consultation regarding child custody law.