Custody for Mothers

If you are a mother who is looking for answers to child custody questions then we are here for you. Many mothers are missing out on time with their children. This is unfair to the mother and the child or children. In the eyes of the court both the mother or the father have equal rights to spend time with their children if all the conditions of proper arrangements for the child are met. When the court has to make a decision for child custody arrangements the most important thing is what is in the best interest of the child. That means safe and suitable arrangements for the child. If both parents have suitable arrangements for the child or children the court will decide on an arrangement where both parents have time with the child or children. Finding out what the court considers most important for children is worth discussing with a child custody lawyer at a consultation. Bryon Szojchet Esquire offers free consultations. Filling the right papers with court is important but it is also important to do the things that the court sees as proper parenting. Speaking with a good child custody lawyer can be very beneficial to mothers hoping to spend more time with their child or children. A good child custody lawyer will help you file the right papers but also assist you in doing the things that the court sees as important in making its decisions. Bryon W. Szojchet Esq. LLC offers free consultations. To schedule a free consultation visit our contact page.