Excellent service and case handling. This firm worked their due diligence in my recent custody and child support case. They were very professional and helpful to me in my situation. Bryon and Ms oya were the best! Their paralegal team worked speedy with filing and the firms prices and retainers are very reasonable. I highly recommend this custody law firm for all family civil case matters.

Brandon W.

The team was super responsive, kind and helpful they went above and beyond getting me whatever help I needed and still represented me while going through a tough time they are really good people and would recommend them they even have payment plans you can choose from and this firm has helped me a lot.

Update: They helped me win my PO hearing and are still continuing to help me after the fact these have to be the best attorneys I have contacted!! They really have my son in mind and are willing to do what it takes for me to see my baby again if you are wondering who to go to for your case I promise they will offer a lending hand.

Would rate 10 stars!!!!!


I had a complicated custody case that began in early 2021. Upon reaching out to Custody Matters, LLC, and speaking with Mr. Bryon Szojchet directly, my fears of going to court were immediately put to rest. Mr. Szojchet took the time to listen to the issues, helped me understand and organize our approach, and represented me in a professional and kind way. The staff at Custody Matter, LLC were also very professional and kind; each offering concern and dedication to my case.

To say that I am completely satisfied with Mr. Szojchet and the staff at Custody Matters, LLC would be an understatement. I am overjoyed with the outcome of my case, and will be forever thankful for Custody Matters, LLC.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Peter R.

The Custody Matters team has been exceptionally helpful since day one. They have been extremely responsive through my entire custody case. Someone was always there to answer any questions I had and to help guide me. The most important thing to me was that they had my sons best interest in every step of this and ultimately, that is what truly mattered. They're pricing is really great and super fair as well. As a single mother, they have been very helpful and understanding in that department. I am so grateful to have found this team in my hours and hours of digging online for a lawyer. They have been remarkable and I will forever be grateful for their help and service!! 10/10 recommend.

Brittany H.

Bryon and his team are the absolute best. I have used their services twice and on both occasions received the outcome I was looking for. The payment plan offered is very helpful when money is tight but you need a fighter in your corner. Highly recommend!

Brian J.

My family was so lucky to have found Bryan's firm! I am so happy to have had the pleasure to interact with this firm, its associates, and office staff. From day one Bryan was very supportive. There was no instance where I received the impression that this firm was about monetary gain. This was the fourth firm I had spoken to and all the others had given me quite the opposite impression. Bryan even worked with me to institute an affordable payment plan. It was a much needed human experience where everyone involved worked to get the best results for my son.

When in court, it was clear the lawyer Ms. Oya Oner, was the smartest and sharpest one in the room. It was also clear that she was the most hard working person in that court room and had extensive knowledge of the law. Compared to her, the apposing counsel was illprepared and clearly did not have her client's best interest. This experience helped me see what lawyers that care look like and a glimpse of what lawyers that are only there for their own self interest look like as well (opposing counsel). I am so very thankful to have come upon this firm. I will call on them again, should a need arise in the future. Thank you for all you did Bryan and Oya!

Madhu W.

Bryon and his team did a great job keeping me informed through every step of my child custody process. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone seeking help.

shelby m.

They helped with my custody hearing and went above and beyond for me and my child. They will always have my business. If your looking for a team to trust and rely on look no further. I Sincerely thank you for what you have done for me and my family.

boris U.

I had found Custody Matters while looking up lawyers with many good reviews and I stumbled upon them, Bryon handled my case with care and was such a great advocate for me and my child! His staff and him were nothing but responsive and pleasant and did everything in their power to help us even though the case was a high conflict one. Even when conflict grew, they communicated with me and help ease my worries. Him and his team also stepped in to help with all communication needs. Today after a positive outcome, I am very please with the results and would 100% recommend their law firm ! Not only were they able to work out a good payment plan, they never charged me wrong nor asked for payment out of our agreement which I greatly appreciate. THANK YOU CUSTODY MATTERS !! You truely do have the best interest for your clients in mind !!!!

Amber A.

Mr. Szojchet and his firm is the 1st I've lawyer firm I had to go through for anything to do with court. Mr. Szojchet was very informational in his consultation with me. After I asked his firm to represent me, I was paired with another Lawyer Oya Oner. She was very attentive and responsive to my needs and answered any questions I had. Everyone at the firm tried their best to get the best possible outcome. We had some wins and losses in our case but I'm overall very happy with thier work. Highly recommend. Affordable rates

Andrew P.

I started my custody case, aka fight, in 2021. After years of learning and suspecting that my ex-wife's husband was abusing my duaghter and autistic son. I had tried to work it with my ex-wife amicably, but the abuse continued.

When I decided to take legal action, Custody Matters, LLC was recommended to me by a friend whom used them and successfully won his visitation case.

From the moment I spoke with Bryon Szojchet and the rest of the team, I felt heard, but not just as a parent, but also as a father. My concerns about the wellness of my 2 children in their mother's home and my very real distrust of the family court system, did not fall of deaf ears. The Custody Matters team explained the process, advised me of the possible avenues of approach to winning, came up with winning strategies, and ultimately fought for not just my interest but the interest of my children.

They worked tirelessly to gather information and documentation. The communication was superb. They were always available to respond to my questions, concerns, and to advise me during crisis situations that happened. Bryon specifically was available around the clock.

Oya Oner was absolutely fantastic in the court room. She was the tip of the spear or the "professional pitbull! It took nearly 2 years due to the jurisdiction's court process, but I got custody of my children and everything I originally wanted and more this year.

I highly recommend Custody Matters, LLC to everyone. You will not regret it! I did not! They are absolutely marvelous! When I started this process I referred to the Custody Matters team as the Avengers....they truly did live up that nickname name!


If I could give Custody Matters more than 5 stars, I definitely would. Bryon and Oya are top notch professionals and they were 100% committed to doing their absolute best for my case. My experience throughout my court case was so remarkable, and a lot of that was due to the help, guidance, and encouragement I received from Custody Matters. They are so responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, and they truly care. They made a very intimidating situation not so scary. I would feel very comfortable recommending Custody Matters to even my closest friends and relatives if they are in a situation where they need help with a custody case.


Custody Matters To Custody Matters, LLC. I Reached Out To Custody Matters With A Very Unique Interstate Custody Case For a Child I Have Yet To Meet ( Do To Moms Alienation). From Day One The Team Got To Work With Effective Counseling And Realistic Expectations. Oya Oner Represented Me And Did So With Such Care, Concern, And Grace That I am Amazed By Her work. Because Of The Spectacular Work Of Custody Matters I Was Able To Finally Meet My Daughter And Have Her Visit Me In Arizona Regularly. If You Are a Parent Who Needs Someone To Fight For You With Equal Compassion For The Children Hire The Great Team At Custody Matters, LLC. Thank You Guys So Much I am Forever Grateful.

Islam M.

My experience with Custody Matters was good. My Lawyer Oya was great at getting me the best outcome as possible. The staff was polite and understanding of my situation. The outcome has gotten me more time with my daughter without the hassle of a trial. I do recommend Custody Matters to anyone with a custody issue

Hasan A.

Word truly can not describe how supportive and compassionate Custody Matters is. It first starts off with meeting your team ( the staff you will be working with). They are truly welcoming (not fake just to get you in). Bryon, Oya and Alexander were truly welcoming and understanding to what my case needed. They explained how the process would go and were there to assist me anytime or way I needed them ( and truly anytime night or day). Alexander was very compassionate and sensitive with the entire intake interview. He never rushed me or made me feel like my case was just a number. He listened and was supportive and patient while I gave all my information for this case. When I spoke with him it was so easy and comfortable. Working with Bryon was easy and comfortable as well. He made sure I was comfortable with the way the case would go and supportive in any way possible. He was available anytime I needed to speak with anyone and understanding. Oya is incredible. She is understand, compassionate and knowledgeable. She never tried to mislead me or give me false hope. She was always honest and explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. She stood by my side through the whole process. Working with her felt like I was working with someone I have known all my life. She truly cares and wants to help. It truly is hard for me to find words to express how wonderful Custody Matters is and their staff. If I could give more stars I would because they deserve them. They are so wonderful, supportive (even after the case was settled) and compassionate. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs an attorney to help them through the harsh ways of a custody case. They are truly top notch. Thank you again for everything you have done Custody Matters. You truly are the best and my family thanks you too.

Brandi S.

All I had to say is amazing. Thank you so much to everybody helping with my daughter case and especially thank you to Oya Oner you did an amazing job.

Massa S.

I could never thank everyone and Custody Matters enough. I live in Washington and my daughter was living in Baltimore. They helped me out so much, got me the outcome I wanted (full custody), and where there for me for each and every single time I needed them to be. They were amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Jessica J.

Custody Matters LLC was by far the best law firm to represent me in my custody case with my daughter. From day one, I was worried and full of anxiety but Bryon was helpful and assured me that I would be in good hands. Bryon has such a wonderful personality and was able to see right through the other parties' manipulative ways concerning our little daughter. He is an attorney that always ensures that he is attentive and available via phone consistently. At the end of my case, I got what I wanted and I am happy that the court system was able to see fact from fiction thanks to Bryon and his team. I am grateful that he took my case and made sure that no stone was left unturned. Bryon is an excellent attorney and always ensured that my daughter's best interest was first priority. Without hesitation, I would recommend him to anyone for legal counsel regarding custody and family law cases! He is a great person and his team worked hard on my case.

Zennia P.

I absolutely loved my experience at Custody Matters, from the professionalism of the whole staff down to any attorney that you come in contact with. Custody issues can be long and drawn out and this office was with you every step of the way and Mr Szojchet and other attorneys were always available for a text or call if you needed clarity or had questions about anything pertaining your case. I'm grateful for their affordability and how my case was handle.

Savannah R.

I love Mr. Byron!!! He made sure that ALL my concerns were met. He was the first lawyer that I came across that didn't ONLY care about money. He teamed me up with the BEST ATTORNEY EVER!! Ms. Judy is a BEAST! She went above and beyond for my case. I walked away with so much more than what ever could've asked for. I appreciate everything that she did for me. I've never met someone that cared so much about my situation. In the end we came out on top!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!!

Alicia W.