Payment Arrangements

Bryon W. Szojchet Esquire is focused on bringing representation in an affordable way to families. Our payment arrangement is so no client is met with any unexpected bills. We offer many opportunities for discounts. Also, we do not charge interest on any outstanding balances.

Free Consultation

Bryon W. Szojchet Esq. LLC offers free consultations. A consultation is a private conversation with an attorney. In a consultation you can ask all your questions about your case and get a professional opinion. You can discuss whether an attorney is right for you, and how much it will cost.

Affordable Payment Plans


One barrier that prevents people from pursuing their rights in family court is the cost of an attorney. Often a person is asked to put up a large retainer and then to be prepared to refresh that retainer once it is exhausted. This is beyond the means of many people. This prevents many from engaging an attorney and often causes those who have an attorney to lose their attorney once they are unable to provide a further retainer when the original retainer is exhausted.

Bryon W. Szojchet, Esquire has several payment arrangements that provide a manageable payment schedule. By designing a reasonable and manageable payment schedule and accepting several payment options, they make it possible for most people to be able to afford and manage the cost of litigation, ensuring that the client will be able to maintain an attorney from the beginning of the litigation through to completion.