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If you have legal custody of a child, it means that you're responsible for making important decisions about their life and how they will be raised. Depending on your situation, you may want to share legal custody of your children with your former spouse, or you may decide that you want to pursue sole custody. Disagreements over legal custody can get messy and frustrating, which is why it always helps to have a child custody lawyer in your corner.

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Who can have legal custody of a child other than their parents?

Our custody lawyers also help individuals who are seeking third-party and de facto custody arrangements. In third-party custody cases, an individual must prove that a child's parents are unfit and that the child would be better off in someone else's care.

Individuals can also pursue de facto custody if a child has been living with them for an extended period of time. In these cases, the potential legal guardian must show that:

  • The child has bonded with them
  • The child has parental consent to be with them
  • They have not been paid to care for the child

If you have any questions about third party or de facto custody, speak with one of our child custody lawyers today.